Тестирование «Зачётное» по Английскому языку (Мишин А. П.)

Кирилл Николоев вс, 10.04.2016 12:07

Ivery loudlyyoume? am speakingDohear am speakingArehearing speakDohear Да Ithe day when I used to help the milkman. am remembering remember Да Sheher housework when I am at home. I can't stand it!

does is constantly doing Да Now Iwhat you am seeingmean seeare meaning seemean Да How muchthis carat the moment? iscosting doescost Да I don't know French but Iit this semester. am learning learn

Да Can you call later? Marya bath. is having has Да Usually weto some restaurant but today wea huge meal at home. go outare having are going out. are having go outhave Да Theythe way I drive a car.

always criticize are always criticizing нет Whyyou? Because youfunny. do laughlook are laughing look dolaughare looking Нет Iyouabout your job. expectdon t care expectare not caring am expecting are not caring

нет Wespaghetti and cream of tomato soup for lunch today. are having have Да Ithe day when I used to help the milkman. remember am remembering Да Whatyouof modern dancing? dothink arethinking да

Whatyoutomorrow night? Ithe house. aredoingam cleaning dodoam cleaning aredoingclean Нет Ia book at the moment so I am very busy. write am writing да Yesterday while Annsheher finger. was cookingcut

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